Faith in Christ and the Holy Rheumatism

We share with you a small reflection written on November 1st… as you will read in this text….it rains… and rheumatism can become holy

Have a good read!!!


It will be that it is a month that is raining and it will be that today is the 1st of November… but to me, in addition to being hungry (but this is another story) came wanting to write.

As we said: it’s raining. It rained a lot and these days we were sometimes forced to stay locked in the house.

How nice to be locked in the house.

How beautiful the tepore of the 4 walls that wrap you, the sofa that encloses you like a sandwich does with mortadella (or with tofu if you are vegan)… how nice to stay at home while it’s raining outside and you’re in your little house that was built on the solid Rock.

Yes, your relatives did not expect that in the end you would decide to marry, and no one would bet a penny on the fact that you would even start a conversion journey before you got married.

Well, yes. You did. You did the right thing… you’ve chosen the best part… you chose Jesus… you have chosen to build your wedding on the Rock which is Christ himself.


And you’re there looking in the mirror and complimenting yourself on how much you’re becoming a Catholic. You’ve even been wearing a sweater on your shirt lately. Mammamy that Catholic you’ve become.


You chose the best part… Very good, but you’ve left out some tiny details.

You are on the Rock, you are on Christ telling you to follow Him (ehmmmm….a Rock that walks and asks you to be followed should have warned you already… are a little dumb, let’s face it).

You fell in love with Jesus when the Blessings made you feel understood… especially you thought that at least every time someone teased you because you have waving ears did not do it in vain, but it served to help you be blessed because they haunt you.

But you forgot that in addition to cuddles (few) and stability (even less… especially the mental one) that Jesus gives you… The Walking Rock also asks you to walk on the water…

(pause riflessiva….ci you were sick eh?)

And you ask yourself: How about the waters? I built on the solid Rock and now I find myself having to walk on the water? It’s like I bought a house in the Dolomites and found myself living in Laguna in Venice??? (They told me I was dumb.)

What’s this story? I want to be reimbursed!!!

I wanted stability: Sun/Heart/Love and now with the flood coming down I have to pander to my daughter who wants to go for a walk and forces me to wet my feet that I’m happier when they are so dry!!!?

It’s raining and I have to go shopping with my wife to that supermarket that as soon as I get in I feel affected by NOIAlgite mortal!!!

The downpour comes down and I must: 1 – Advise the doubters 2 – Teach the ignorant 3 – Admonish the sinners 4 – Consoling the afflicted 5 – Forgive the offenses 6 – Patiently endure the harassing people 7 – Praying God for the living and for the dead (and these things I can do them even comfortably from my couch… but then I also have to: 1 – Feed the hungry 2 – Give to drink to the thirsty 3 – Dress the unsuspecting 4 – Housing pilgrims 5 – Visiting the sick 6 – Visiting prisoners 7 – Burying the dead…

But i mean… in a word: comfort farewell!!!

Then I look at the calendar… Today is November 1st… party of all the saints and I think quickly of some of them and I realize that they are strange people… with his heart on the Rock and his feet in the water… people who went through deluge and thunderstorms with their feet, yet they were stable and their hearts warm… people who came to him with osteoarthritis to the fury of “Stareammmollo” in the events of the world and yet at the time of greeting life they did so with joy and peace.

I think of St. Francis, who died on the damp earth of October at St. Mary of the Angels and I imagine instead his heart sitting permanently next to the throne of God.

How strange… perhaps my marriage – since I married in the Church and received a Sacrament – requires me this: to live by making me the holy rheumatism,typical side effect of a stable love on that Rock called Jesus.

Typical of those who follow the Lord everywhere, even in the storm surges of life.


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