Children are us who become flesh!

An American study has just been published. An important and significant study by the Centers for Disease and Control Prevention, a US office that deals with prevention and disease at the federal level. A clear picture emerged regarding one aspect in particular. The children of divorced children have a greater chance of contracting more or less serious pathologies. In this category of greatest danger, those who have suffered physical, emotional or sexual abuse, those who have experienced domestic violence, those who have had a family member who has attempted suicide, drug addict or imprisoned are equated . Isomma, this study has highlighted what we already knew: divorce is a very serious trauma comparable to the worst disasters that a child can face. Why is divorce so devastating? Our children were born from that yes that Luisa and I promised ourselves on the wedding day. They are constituted by the love that Luisa and I have concretized that day. They are made biologically of that we. Half of my genetic heritage is mine and the other half is from Luisa. They know they are not just an organic product. They are the fruit of a love. They are the fruit of a union. They are the result of a promise that becomes life. They know they are all this. They do not know how to express it and they are not aware of it, but in their depth they know it very well. That’s why until they were little, they consumed the film of our marriage by watching it. Watching that movie, they were fascinated. They saw joy and love. They saw their parents wanted and loved each other. They saw something wonderful. And they thought. They thought and still think that if it is wonderful, the one from which they were born are also wonderful. If father and mother love each other then it means that they are beautiful, that they are desired, that they are loved. Which are precious! Do you understand the evil that causes divorce in the depths of our children? Separate parents can still love their children individually. They can give them even more attention and care than before, but they cannot avoid their children a deep suffering caused by the destruction of that we. A wound that marks. Dividing and separating they send a clear message: You are the fruit of something that is not beautiful, that I don’t like anymore. This is devastating. Here’s what a child writes to their parents in a letter that you can find on the web:

You are teaching me that I was born of a person who is unlovable and who is wrong, and who I am wrong somehow too

Our children feed on our love. Not only of the love that I can give them as a father, but even more of the love I manifest to their mother. They enjoy seeing my attentions to their mother. They are happy with my embrace and with my caress to their mother. I am telling them that they are precious because the relationship from which they were born is precious.

Pope Francis in 2015 affirmed this truth with very clear and clear words. As if giving a voice to all the children who are victims of divorce:

Husband and wife are one flesh. But their creatures are flesh of their flesh. If we think of the harshness with which Jesus warns adults not to scandalize the little ones – we heard the passage of the Gospel – (see Matthew 18: 6 ), we can better understand his word on the grave responsibility to guard the conjugal bond that starts the human family (see Mt 19.6-9). When the man and the woman have become one flesh, all the wounds and all the abandonments of the father and the mother affect the living flesh of the children.

Antonio and Luisa


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