The right detergent

The recent solemnity of All saints that we celebrated on November 1st gave us a lot of ideas for reflection; this time we want to focus on a detail described in the book Apocalypse (7,14) : They are the ones who come from the great tribulation and who have washed their garments, making them white in the blood of the Lamb. 

Doing a research on The Junior Woodchucks Sun i found that one of the most difficult spots to remove from clothes is blood. Now, either the author of the Apocalypse did not have a copy of the Manual of the Junior Woodchucks (quite likely); or he didn’t have a degree in chemistry and therefore didn’t know the formula of bleach; or, perhaps, I would not like to be the usual one who searches for the mysteries hidden behind the words, he meant without saying. Well, you may have already guessed that the correct answer to this dilemma is the last one: and so we are going to open envelope C.

What did you want to tell us without saying it openly? I don’t think he wanted to tell us to get him a copy of the famous Handbook above. But how strange: the blood of that Lamb instead of leaving indelible stains on the garments, on the contrary, makes them white. Every time we reflect on this Lamb amazes us, it is precisely a Lamb of God, similar but with different characteristics from the usual lambs, we will deepen it soon. So many times we also feel like those who have gone through the great tribulation: work, housing, taxes, mortgages, colleagues, the head of office, our health or our loved ones, the car that is always by the mechanic, the appliances that do not work at duty; with all this stress we already feel ready for Paradise because the situations of this life we consider them a purgatory. Of course, there is no shortage of laments of all this.

But those described in the Apocalypse come from the great tribulation, and it does not look much like the aforementioned list. It can be considered in three stages (equally described in the same book) but essentially it is in the great spiritual battle against the demonic forces of the Antichrist, against the ferocious beast, against Satan and his followers. And as in all battles you can come out winners not without a few scratches, at least a little stains, precisely, on the clothes. In any case, to wash stains from the garments you need the appropriate detergent. And, by chance, the right detergent is the (innocent) blood of that Lamb. That’s it? Yes, but not, too.

Without going into detail, we can infer that, in the spiritual battle, our white robes (symbolically delivered on the day of our Baptism) can be stained. Other articles on this blog have already delved into the risks and dangers of staining our marriage clothes. We just wanted to highlight: no matter what kind of stain you have on your robe; no matter how old the stain is; it doesn’t matter if we hurt each other as newlyweds and thus staining each other; there are no indelible stains for the stainless power of that blood, as long as you agree to go to the right laundry and He will know how to use the proper washing machine with the only powerful bleaching, the divine detergent, which Jesus (an exceptional chemist) has made on the cross, their own precious blood.

Let us do the exercise to remember this the next time we load the dishwasher or washing machine, and this gesture will also become prayer: Lord, help us recognize that our spiritual stains can only wipe you with your divine detergent.

George and Valentina

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